Milo, Mon Chien

Milo, Mon Chien

Milo Mon Chien

I was having a late lunch at Café Claude today when I noticed the photographs of anything Paris or French around me. One particular work caught my eye, this one which I included in this posting. I looked at the artist statement and saw the name Hans Mauli. Before leaving the café, I looked closer to the photograph and found that it had a title: Milo, Mon Chien. Paris, 1961 (Milo, My Dog, Paris 1961.)

A much better, original digital print can be viewed HERE at Hans Mauli’s website.

Later on when I had the time, I googled the title and was not altogether surprised to find a match, but was indeed surprised that carried the work on canvas. The one being sold at the Café was of the giclée variety, printed on 100% rag (cotton.) Click HERE to see the work on canvas at Amazon.


Pretzel the Dachshund

Do we all still remember Pretzel the Dachshund? Created by Margret Rey in 1944, illustrated by H. A. Rey, and first published by Harper & Brothers. Pretzel was so long that it could twist his body into the shape of his namesake! The story was republished by Houghton Mifflin in 1997.

The book is still available at Click HERE for more information. All images are copyrighted materials.

Raining Dachshunds

Raining Dachshunds

It is raining tonight in San Francisco, but inside Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, it seems to be raining Dachshunds! In one evening, I encountered the following dachshund-related merchandise.

Dachshunds on Magazine Covers

Dachshunds are not strangers to magazine covers. Here are some publications that I have found thus far; and as I find more, I shall add them to the gallery. These pictures are lifted from the site. All of them are available for purchase at that website.

Raising Dachshunds Hope

Perhaps I am the last one to find out about the sitcom Raising Hope and to see how entertaining the writing and the acting have been. One episode particularly caught my attention, as it is filled with all things dachshunds: Season 1, Episode 21. The episode concerns the Chance Couple discovering their neighbors’ private family affairs through their granddaughter baby monitor. Their subsequent investigation reveals the couple-in-question with three dachshund puppies (a brown and a white in the lap of the seated husband, and later on, a black/tan in the hands of the husband standing on the lawn); as well as a dachshund bumper sticker, and a couple of dachshund T-shirts. Here are some screenshots; enjoy!

Regarding the last image (which does not come from the sitcom): I plugged in the image of the bumper sticker (from the sitcom) to see where it might be available for purchase. While it yielded none of that, I did find that last signage at Click HERE to purchase it.