American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Ameridachshund Horror Story

Yours truly does not own a television set, so naturally I can be a tad bit behind in the cultural zeitgeist. As such, I had just started watching American Horror Story via Netflix. A few episodes into Season 1, I was pleased when I saw the character played by Jessica Lange walking two little dachshunds, which seemed to be one red and a black-and-tan smooth-haired ones.

So far I’ve only seen her once walking with the dogs, and very briefly, too. Hopefully the two little darlings will make more appearance in future episodes and seasons. Let’s see if they are real dachshunds or ghost dogs, as other characters in the series turn out to be. What do you think?

Raising Dachshunds Hope

Perhaps I am the last one to find out about the sitcom Raising Hope and to see how entertaining the writing and the acting have been. One episode particularly caught my attention, as it is filled with all things dachshunds: Season 1, Episode 21. The episode concerns the Chance Couple discovering their neighbors’ private family affairs through their granddaughter baby monitor. Their subsequent investigation reveals the couple-in-question with three dachshund puppies (a brown and a white in the lap of the seated husband, and later on, a black/tan in the hands of the husband standing on the lawn); as well as a dachshund bumper sticker, and a couple of dachshund T-shirts. Here are some screenshots; enjoy!

Regarding the last image (which does not come from the sitcom): I plugged in the image of the bumper sticker (from the sitcom) to see where it might be available for purchase. While it yielded none of that, I did find that last signage at Click HERE to purchase it.