Monsieur Boudin à Paris

Monsieur Boudin is a charming dachshund, created as a series of cards by Lab Partners for the UK Stationer Lagom. The series follows Monsieur Boudin’s adventures all over the City of Light.

Pretzel the Dachshund

Do we all still remember Pretzel the Dachshund? Created by Margret Rey in 1944, illustrated by H. A. Rey, and first published by Harper & Brothers. Pretzel was so long that it could twist his body into the shape of his namesake! The story was republished by Houghton Mifflin in 1997.

The book is still available at Click HERE for more information. All images are copyrighted materials.

Dachshunds on Magazine Covers

Dachshunds are not strangers to magazine covers. Here are some publications that I have found thus far; and as I find more, I shall add them to the gallery. These pictures are lifted from the site. All of them are available for purchase at that website.

Introducing Hachiko

Hachiko as a puppy seems to be quite emaciated, but she has since developed into a robust and determined dachshund.


An impromptu photo session with Ptolemy and Galla in Tokyo, as they were soaking in the afternoon sun by the patio door.